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Laboratory Test Equipments

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

We offer precision engineered assortment of Single beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer which ensures easy installation and easy to operate. Our range is accurate instrument to determine % transmission, absorbance.

Features of our spectrophotometer includes:

Photometric Range: - 0.3 - 3.5 A, 0 to 220 %T
Wavelength Accuracy: ± 01 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility: <0.10nm
Photometric Accuracy: ± 0.3% T (0¿100 %T)
± 0002 a


WAVELENGTH RANGE 190 to 1000 mm
PHOTOMETRIC %T:0to100% Abs: 0 to 1.999 conc: 1.999 k Factor: 0 to 1.999
RANGE 0.005 Abs at 1.0 Abs
ACCURACY 0.010 Abs at 1.5 Abs
STRAY LIGHT Less than 0.1% at 320 mm
KEY BOARD 7 Keys, soft touch membrane type
DATASTORAGE Upto 250 Samples [0-250]
PRINTER INTERFACE Printer Interface for any certronics Dot Matrix Printer [Qptinail
SERIAL INTERFACE RS 232 Cirferface (Optional)
LIGHT SOURCE (a) Tungsten- Halogen Lamp (b) Deuterium Lamp (D2)
DETECTOR Wide range sillicon Photodiode
Complete mirror optics with resolution 1200 grooves I mm greating Czerriy tumermount
4 Position adjustable sample holder
POWER 23010%50HzAC
ACCESSORIES "Quartz cuvetts set of 2 * Dust Cover
*Plastic cuvetts set of 4, Operation Manual

Micro Processor VIS Spectrophotometer

Backed by experienced and professional team we manufacture unmatched quality micro processor based VIS Spectrophotometer which is catered to various industries. The assortment has wide scope in fields such as biochemistry, petro-chemical industry, bio technology, environmental protection and quality control, medicine, clinical examination. It finds application in physic-chemical laboratories to make qualitative and quantitative analysis of specimen materials in the visible spectral range and ultraviolet range.

Salient features of our gamut:

Cover 340 to 960nm
2 position cuvette holder
Rs-232c computer interface
High wavelength precision
Compact & good looking shape
Highly accurate & stable


Wavelength Range 340 to 960 nm
Wavelength Resolution 1 nm
Wavelength Accuracy 1 nm
Spectral Slit Width < 5 nm
% Transmission 0.0-100% T
Absorbance 0-1.999 A
Concentration 0 to 19999
K-factor 0.1 to 19999
Resolution 0.1 %T, 0.001 Abs
Stray Radiant Energy 2% or lesser at 340nm and 400nm
Photometric Accuracy Less than 0.01 Abs
Monochromator 600 lines / mm diffraction grating
Photo Detector Wide range silicon photodiode
Display 20 X 4 line alphanumeric backlit LCD display
Key Board 6 Keys soft touch membrane type
Data Storage Up to 200 samples
Light Source Tungsten - halogen lamp 6V, 10W
Sample Holder 2 position adjustable sample holder
Printer Interface Centronics Printer interface for any dot matrix printer
Computer Interface R232C Serial Interface (on request)
Power supply 230V 10% 50Hz AC


Digital Spectrophotometer

We offer industry standard digital spectrophotometer which possesses feature of rugged construction, versatile and easy operation. Our manufactured range gives an accurate measurement for laboratory analysis. It is featured with highly advanced solid state I.C. technology which makes its circuit very stable. Specialty of the lab instrument is that desired wavelength can be selected by adjusting the disc at the top panel.

Other features of our gamut include:

Range 340 to 960 nm
Direct concentration facility
Latest solid state ic technology
Digital display


Range 340 nm to 960 nm
Resolution 0.1 % T, 0.001 Abs.
Output % T
0 to 100%, Abs : 0 to 1.999, Cone.: 0 to 1999
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Light Source 6 V, 1 Amp, Tungston Halogen Lamp
Path Length 10 mm
Spectral Bandwidth 10 mm
Wavelength Resolution 1 nm on Digital Display 2 1/z Digit LED
Wavelength Accuracy 1 nm
Repeatability 1 nm
Display 3 Digit LED Display
Operating Temp 5 to 45 C
Power 230 V 10% 50 Hz AC

Digital Flame Photometer

We offer digital flamephotometers, a handheld instrument which is fabricated from supreme quality raw material. Our experienced engineers utilize improved technology in manufacturing that ensures high performance of the range. It is simple in construction and easy to operate. The instrument possesses following features:

  • Flame photometer unit

  • No. of filters Na & k (ca & Li optional) Na & k (ca & Li optional)

  • Range Na: 0-100 ppm ca: 20-100 ppm

  • Narrow band interference filters

  • Dual channel display

  • K: 0-100 ppm Li: 10-100 ppm Na: 0-200 meq/l ca: 0-2 meq/l

  • Na & k at single aspiration

  • K: 0-100 meq/l Li: 0-10 meq/l

  • Sensitivity Na: 5 ppm ca: 10 ppm


No. of Filters Na & K (Ca & Li optional)
Range Na
0-100 ppm, Ca:20-i00 ppm, K:0-100 ppm, Li: 10-100 ppm
Sensitivity Na 5 ppm, Ca : 10 ppm, K : 5 ppm , Li : 10 ppm
Read out 2 Digit bright LED Display
Accuracy 2% upto 40 ppm, 5% above 40 ppm
Repeatability 2 Count
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Power 230 VAC 10% 50 Hz AC



Digital Conductivity Meters  

Digital conductivity or TDS Meters manufactured by our company is an economical and reliable scientific instrument. It is precision designed and developed to suit the preferences of our customers in diverse industrial sectors. Premium range is known for high stability and accuracy, temperature coefficient correction facility and many others.

Salient features of TDS meters are following:

  • Display 3 1/2 digit led 3 1/2 digit lcd

  • Range 5 ranges

  • 0 - 1000 mohs/cm 2 ranges

  • 2 & 20 mohs/cm

  • Temperature compensation manual 0-50oc

  • Cell constant adjustment facility

  • Available in lab & field models

  • Model conductivity

  • Cell constrant adjustment adjustable pre adjustable

  • Conductivity cell platinum dip

  • Measuring frequency 1000 hz 1000 hz

  • Accuracy 1% fsi 1% fsi

  • A Versatile, Highly Stable & Accurate Instrument to Measure Conductivity of water and other Aqueous Solutions for Laboratories & Field.


Model RAC 975 C
Range 5 Ranges 0 to 1000m Mhos/cm
Display 16x2 Digit LED Display
Accuracy 2% FS 1 digit
Resolution 0.1 micro Mhos/cm
Temp. Compensation 0 to 50 C manual
Cell Constant Adjustable on display
Cell Platinum Dip
Power 230 VAC 10% 50 Hz AC
Conductivity Cell, Dust Cover, Operation Manual.




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