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Educational Electronics
Laboratory Test Equipments
Dig. Measuring Instruments
Sine Square Oscillator
Digital Micro Ohm Meters
Digital Function Generators
Lead Accumulator,
   Battery Charger,
   Battery Eliminator
Diode Valve, Demo Meter,
   Demo Transformer
Demo Triode Valve, Multimeters,
   Moisture Meters,
   Power Supplies
Electromagnet Kit, Electricity Kit,
   Function Generator,
   Demo Electric Bell,
   Flexible Leads
Industrial Kelvin Bridge,
   Fuse Wire,
   Malde's Apparatus
Morse Key and Sounder,
   Mini Motor,
   Photoelectric Cell Apparatus,
   Post Office Box, Potentiometer,
   Wheatstone Bridge
Rheostat, Reversing Switch,
   Serach Coil, Silicone Diode Unit,
Solar Energy Kit, Solar Cell,
   Tapping Keys,
   Tangent Galvanometer,
   Zener Diode Unit
 Educational Electronics


Salient Features
  • DC-10/20/30 MHz Bandwidth.
  • Single/Dual Trace And X-Y Mode
  • Sweep Magnification x10.
  • 2 Level Calibrator.
  • Max. Input Voltage 400V(DC + peak AC).
  • DC - 40 / 60 MHz Bandwidth.
  • Dual Trace & X - Y Mode.
  • Sweep Magnification x10
  • Max. Input voltage 500V (DC + peak AC)

Add ons

  • Transistor Curve Tracer/Multi Channel Tracer.
  • Function Generator.
  • Differential Input Powerscope Module.
  • Can be used as regular CRO when not in use as Powerscope.
  • Transistor Curve Tracer.
  • Function Generator.
  • Multi Channel Tracer.

Salient Features
  • Wide Frequency range: 0.1Hz to 2MHz, 0.1Hz to 3MHz and 0.1Hz to 20 MHz (three separate Models).
  • Bright 4 digit LED display for freq. readout with range indicating
    LEDs: MHz/KHz/Hz. Optionally Internal / External frequency counter may be provided.
  • Easy selection of frequency range with separate fine control.
  • Versatile waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp, Pulse, TTL etc.
  • Amplitude display available for 1MHz & 3MHz Model.
  • DC offset control variable with offset enable.
    50W/600W outputs with step attenuator of maximum 20dB/40dB.
  • Useful for testing and measurement in the laboratory and on field.
    Designed to provide good quality signal while maintaining easy operability.

Frequency Counter
Salient Features
  • Wide Frequency range: 2 Hz to 50 MHz.
  • Built-in STOPWATCH to measure duration(max. 27 Hrs.) between two optically isolated
    start/stop events with resolution of 1msec.
  • 8 digit 0.5" bright red display with accuracy of + 1 count + stable crystal controlled time base
  • I/P voltage 300 Vpp max.
    Selectable attenuator of X0.1(High voltage, low frequency)/ X1/ X10/ X50 (low amplitude, high
  • Sensitivity of 50 mVpp min two separate inputs with sensitivities of 250 mVpp and 50 mVpp min.
  • Input impedance of 1M?.
  • Useful for testing and measurement in the laboratory and on field.


Salient Features

  • Can learn and experiment about variety of communication mediums ( AM,FM,FO,Wired ) & methods (Modulation / Demodulation– Analog/Digital )

  • Covers Analog communication , Digital communication , Fiber optics characteristics as well as communication , Wired communication through various modular experiment panels.

CommunicationMedium FM (Wireless) AM (Wireless) Fiber Optics
a) Carrier
b) I/P Ampl. I/P Freq.
c) Power O/P
Factory Tuned to 98 MHz with built in FM(VCO) 500KHz to 1.5MHz TTL BW - 50KHz Analog BW – Audio
0-5 Vpp (digital) Audio range. 0-5 Vpp (digital) Carrier modulated i/p(audio range) 0-5 Vpp (digital) Modulated i/p (audio)
Receiver External 5 BS5 for antenna connection, 2nd IF i/p, 2nd IF o/p , speaker & Audio amplifier, AM/FM Select switch, L/S impedance 8 ohm / 0.5 W Detector (tr=8uS ) Separate BS5 socket for Digital ,AC coupled & TTL ops.
Controls (Man) Settable 88 MHz to 108 MHz Gain control Settable from 0 to 4.5V Transmitter bias Control.
Antenna / Transmission
Telescopic antenna
1m plastic fiber cable, CRT-1.492, NA-0.5,l–660nm, step index, terminated with SMA connector.

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