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Digital Function Generators 

We offer digital funtion generators. these are offered with the following features & specifications:

Salient Features:
Excellent wave shape, signal linearity and wave from symmetry
Wide frequency range from 0.01 Hz to 1 MHz
Commendable frequency and amplitude stability
Voltage controlled frequency sweeping facility
Separate TTL / CMOS output and facility of DC offset

Technical specifications:

Frequency Range 0.01 Hz to 1 Mhz in suitable steps
Function Sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, ttl/cmos, pulse output
Display Digital (4-digit 7 segment display)
Accuracy better than _ 1% 3 digit of F.S
Amplitude 30 V p - p into open circuit
Amplitude Control 0 to 60 db variable (2 x 20 db fine)
DC Offset Up to _ 15 v into open circuit, continuously
Output Impedance 250 Ohm & 600 Ohm _ 10% (switchable)
Power Required 230v _ 10% AC

Digital Micro OHM Meters 

Our range of digital micro OHM meters is a compact and high reliability 31/2 digit instrument suitable for measurement of resistivity of copper wires from 7/0 SWG to 50 SWG, resistance of cables, windings, coils, heater elements and contact resistance of switches, relays, etc. Emphasis is provided to the designing of the instrument in order to ensure quick, stable and repeatable readings of resistance. The instrument uses 4-terminal measurement so that resistance of test leads and contacts is eliminated from test results. Actual value of resistor is directly displayed on seven segment 12.5 mm display.

The technical specifications are as follows: Range of Measurement:

1micro-ohm to 1999 ohm in seven range

Range (Ohms) Normal Test Current Accuracy
0 - 1999u 1.50 A 0.3% 2 Digits
0 - 19.99 m 0.75 A 0.2% 2 Digits
0 - 199.9 m 0.75 A 0.2% 2 Digits
0 - 1.999 75 mA 0.2% 2 Digits
0 - 19.99 7.5 mA 0.2% 2 Digits
0 - 199.9 ohm 0.75 mA 0.2% 2 Digits
0 - 1999 ohm 0.075 mA 0.2% 2


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