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Educational Electronics
Laboratory Test Equipments
Dig. Measuring Instruments
Sine Square Oscillator
Digital Micro Ohm Meters
Digital Function Generators
Lead Accumulator,
   Battery Charger,
   Battery Eliminator
Diode Valve, Demo Meter,
   Demo Transformer
Demo Triode Valve, Multimeters,
   Moisture Meters,
   Power Supplies
Electromagnet Kit, Electricity Kit,
   Function Generator,
   Demo Electric Bell,
   Flexible Leads
Industrial Kelvin Bridge,
   Fuse Wire,
   Malde's Apparatus
Morse Key and Sounder,
   Mini Motor,
   Photoelectric Cell Apparatus,
   Post Office Box, Potentiometer,
   Wheatstone Bridge
Rheostat, Reversing Switch,
   Serach Coil, Silicone Diode Unit,
Solar Energy Kit, Solar Cell,
   Tapping Keys,
   Tangent Galvanometer,
   Zener Diode Unit
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We give prime importance to ‘Accuracy and Quality’ while manufacturing our electrical instruments. Our products are widely used in various industries and laboratories, all around the globe. With our long chain of dealers, we satisfy all the needs of our esteemed clients’ located overseas. Our vast industrial experience, established infrastructure, globally recognized quality policy, diligent professionals and quality instruments, yield us an appreciable turnover ....
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Moving coil A.C./D.C., with 4mm terminals
Function Generators

Wide Frequency range: 0.1Hz to 2MHz, 0.1Hz to 3MHz and 0.1Hz to 20 MHz (three separate Models).
Moving Coil Meters

Meters are designed for D.C. measurements to meet every need of schools, colleges and technical institutions. All meters are housed in moulded dust proof cases with zero-adjuster and have connections terminals.
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